[151] ~*Mon – 12/25/17*~

[3:31 pm]

Bah Humbug!! Everyone knows that I’m not a fan of Xmas, which is today. I had planned on waking up and cleaning the suggies cage but I just had no will power of getting up. I feel sorta sad and I don’t really understand why as I don’t like Xmas. I’m all alone and bleh. I wanted to go work with hub. Haha! I got up with him when his alarm went off and I feel that it’s too late to be cleaning the cage as it will get dark soon enough. It’s storming outside, not as bad as I expected, and hub left with his car that doesn’t have winter tires yet. Grr! I told him to take mine to be safe but of course, he didn’t. That man!

I just feel like staying in bed all day today. If only I had a game to play but I don’t even feel like looking for something. I also don’t have any shows to watch at the moment and I’ve watched all of the Good Witch movies. I kinda felt like I wanted hub to stay home so we could of played that darn Switch which he still has no idea I got one almost a month ago. I think that if it wasn’t that he’s making more money by working on Xmas day, I would of asked him to call in sick.

Anyways, I think I might start watching Desperate Housewives. I used to watched it when it played but I stopped so I haven’t seen the last two seasons. I don’t really want to just watch the last seasons as it’s been for ever so I might as well start from the beginning.


[4:58 pm]

The plow went by so now I’m wondering if the people we hired will come open the driveway as it’s Xmas day. If not, I might have to go shovel the end of the driveway for hub which I really don’t feel like doing. If only I knew how to use the darn snowblower, I could use that. Can’t believe it’s winter and we didn’t even put the snowblower at the entrance of the baby barn, it’s the lawnmower that’s still there. Maybe I should call the company to see if they will be coming or not. Meh, I don’t really know what to do right now.

I’ve been trying to find some pictures to put up on my journals and I’m having a hard time. I really don’t like how Google changed their search thing as now I can’t find a damn thing. I was debating a few days ago on if I should keep up with putting pictures with my entries and with this, more I think about it, more I want to stop but I don’t know.. I hate when I don’t know what I want to do.

So yea, I’m trying to work on editing my journals as they are a mess. I’ve been writing but not posting anything so I’m working on that right now but I think I will take a break cause I’m getting frustrated because of the picture situation. I really don’t understand why Google had to change their search thing. Seem like I can’t find any pictures now which is making me very sad.


[9:15 pm]

Driveway is finally clean. Woohoo! I think it was a new guy, once again. He came and did my driveway up to the steps and went to the neighbor’s. I went over to talk to him and asked “You’re not the guy that usually opens our driveways are you?” so he answers “I don’t know. Was I not supposed to do your driveway?” Duh! I tell him “No, no. You were but the guy normally goes up to the end of the house beside the steps.” So he comes back and still hadn’t figured out what I meant so I had to go back and talk to him again to explain what I wanted. Jeez! He thought I meant he had to go up to the house from in front where I was parked (I’m not technically parked in the driveway, I park on the side so we can come and go with the other car without having to move one) but if he would of done that, he would of ran over my lil tree. Smart! Of course, he went a bit too far. I really wanted to put poles at the end so they would know where to stop and of course, I didn’t do it. It’s not too bad when it’s frozen, it’s when the spring is coming where they do damages to the grass. I guess it always grows back.

So yea, driveway is finally cleaned, I was starting to worry. Still, it’s kinda late for them to be coming. I really hope we listen to ourselves next year and go with a different company. The driveway is also so very slippery from the freezing rain the other night. I almost felt a few times and I decided to back the car in the driveway and that was a lot of fun. I kept spinning and hitting ice so I kept having to go back and forth to try to make it. I should of just drove in. Oh well, my car is parked now. I took hub spot. Bouhaha! Figured I’d put my car the furthest since I won’t use it before Wed and in case it keeps snowing. 

Our driveway is so long so we can park a lot of cars in but I wish it was wider instead so we could park two side by side instead. That way we wouldn’t have to move cars if one wants to go out. We always park one of the cars on the side, on the grass. The neighbor does the same. He doesn’t destroy his lawn as much as we do cause he has two sides to play with. Sometime he parks on one side, sometime on the other. We have a power pole on one of our sides so we can only do it on one side which we always end up destroying the lawn. Oh well..


[9:43 pm]

Lol! Of course now that my driveway is finally clean, the plow has to be coming around again. As soon as I heard it, I rushed upstairs to have a look. There isn’t much snow at the end of the driveway, surprisingly but I’m happy. I didn’t wanted to go shovel and I damn know that the tractor won’t be coming back before hub gets home from work. 

Now that I am talking about hub coming home from work, I kind of regret not going back to bed earlier. If I would of slept more, I would probably be up later tonight so we could of tried the Switch. I’m already getting tired so I know I won’t even show it to him tonight and tomorrow, I don’t know if he’ll be waking up early enough for us to play. Maybe I should of took Wed off to spend some time with him. Arg! Tomorrow I want to go to the Casino to eat as they are serving turkey and we’re not making one. I would of also liked to go to the zoo and see those lights. I’m just not sure what the weather is supposed to be like. I guess I shall see tomorrow what’s gonna happen. I should really clean the suggies cage as I haven’t done it today and it’s been like two months now but I have a feeling I won’t be doing it. I’m getting so lazy!! I still need to do the dishes and I wanted to wrap some gifts. Lol! I bought hub a pair of slippers and some nuts. Haha! I wanted to wrap both just for fun. I got a few gifts from my clients so I still need to open those but hub doesn’t really have anything so I thought I would wrap those for him. I’m silly! I was also thinking of wrapping the Switch and the game and write that it’s from Santa. I have all these things I want to do but yet I don’t feel like moving. So sad!




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