Is Love Enough?

 Someone once told me that love is all you need and it’s enough. But if love is enough, then why does fear, anger, hate, misunderstanding, and all those other things take over people’s lives and relationships. Why do we often forget the basic love? Love is a great feeling. It makes you feel alive. However, at the same time it can also make you selfish and insecure. When you love someone, you want them to love you back.  It’s hard to love someone and be okay with not getting their love back or atleast not in the way you want it. It’s true that when you truly love someone all that matters is their happiness, but truth is we are human. We crave to be loved by those we love. We want to feel loved and cared for too especially by that one person who is the most special to us. I’m not sure if love is enough though. There’s a lot more that goes into a relationship, like understanding, trust, loyalty, etc. I know someone who believes that love is not even needed in a relationship. It’s hard to understand what his point is, but I think I get what he means. Sometimes an understanding and caring for the other person is all you need. But then again,  I think it depends on what you define love to be. Love has diifferent meanings to people. To me, love includes being understanding and caring of each other. I would say in the ideal world, love is enough..but our world is far from ideal..we all are far from makes the world a better place but I’m not sure if it is enough in this world..maybe somewhere else in another universe.

One thought on “Is Love Enough?”

  1. Love is not always enough… but true love is unconditional so all the bad you listed you will work through and if you cant then cut your losses and move on because it isn’t love its infatuation no matter how much it hurts.. and it hurts even more to love someone who doesn’t love you back the way you feel you should be..

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