✨Honeymoon avenue ✨

Arriving at the gates of honeymoon avenue not knowing how long I’m to stay here gives me a feeling of excitement and anxiety.. no instructions and no one to greet us we proceed forward hand in hand in hope that honeymoon avenue is the new beginning to our future. We look t each other eyes filled with questions as he leads us up the pathway… how long are we here for I think, when do you turn off? Do we ever turn off? If we do how do we get back here? So many questions yet very few signs and answers. A kiss to the forehead assured me we are currently in the right place together but as we slowly creep up to the one year mark I stare ahead and ask myself again… how long are we here for? I look around as we continue to walk and it’s beautiful here it’s warm like California nights, the sweet scent of love cradles the air and as I look to my right his there besides me embracing the moment… but honeymoon avenue how long are we here for? As we come to a standstill I look at him…. we have been walking for 11 months now and that 1 year mark is a few steps away as I point in the direction… the next couple of steps that we make are crucial it’s the mark off officialness and commitment .. are we ready can we really do this … will we still be in honeymoon avenue or will we cut the journey short… holding on tight we proceed forward I breathe with intensity I can feel the wrath of commitment growing closer… will we make it ? Will honeymoon avenue be the growth in our relationship will it be our comfort…together we shall see 💫 tbc

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