#13: Christmas 2017

How was everyone’s Christmas? 

Mine started off a little hectic. We had a snow dump (that hardly ever happens here), and I was out with my homies for a night of bowling and then stayed overnight cause I didn’t want to drive in the dark while it’s snowing. I stole my boyfriend’s truck for the night and figured I’ll be back in time to see everyone open their presents the next morning.

Well shit, the road froze over lmao herpderp and I was parked on an incline with the front facing downhill, and I couldn’t back the car out of the spot. I texted my dude and he was like, freaking out like “omg you knew you it would be snowing and you knew you would have to be home for Christmas and you still went out, WELL I DON’T WANT YOU DRIVING NOW, blah blah blah” like okay dude yes I knew all that but I also know I’m going to figure it out, stop reacting emotionally, it’s not helping me right now (people need to seriously chill and stop being so emotional over everything!). 

So anyway, after hanging up on him, I stepped out the truck for a bit to evaluate the condition of the driveway, and I see this burly dude getting out of his car and I asked him if he could help back me out, and he said no problem– he’s from Montana, he’s done this before. Hell yeah! Montana people have no problems with the snow. It took him 3 tries but he got the truck out of the spot and told me I’m good to drive on 3rd gear as long as I don’t go over 55 mph. I’m like YUUUUSS THANK YOU, MONTANA MAN. I will be safe, Merry Christmas, yay for Montana! Once I got on the main road, it was all g, no ice, no nothing.

I drove halfway to my boyfriend’s house before I decided to text him (if you haven’t figured it out by now, I don’t really listen to him much, lmao). He was like omg yay and told me to be careful. When I got to his house, he’s like I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE OKAY (well, I already told you I was gonna be okay, but you were freaking out– BUT ANYWAY). 

That was my Christmas. The rest of the day was great. Yay for happy ending. Nay for snow. That’s how I know I’m officially an adult: when I feel dread instead of excitement over snow.

Alright, hope you guys got what you asked Santa for.

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