[152.1] ~*Tue – 12/26/17*~

[11:56 pm]

I finally cleaned the suggies cage and I’m quite happy it’s done. Hub got up when I was cleaning it which always pisses me off a bit if he’s up while I’m cleaning it cause I feel I do it all. If he stays in bed, I don’t get as pissed. 

We went out to the Casino to eat and I had that darn ticket checked. I won $5 and not $50. Meh! Disappointment! We also both played $20 and lost. I wanted to go to the zoo to see the lights but it was too windy and cold. Talking about cold, hub was very nice and dropped me off at the door and went to park the car. It was sweet of him. We got home and I decided to finally show him the Switch. I went in the shower and we played for like three hours afterward. I was disappointed at first but then it got a bit of fun. I need to go buy other games. We still have some money left for two more games. 

We don’t spend much time in the living room as we’re always in the PC room so tonight we did and I feel awful ever since. I really hate how I am and can’t seem to stop it. As we don’t spend time in there I don’t pay too much attention to it but tonight I was like “too much junk in here, table not a the right place, cable in the way – need to fix that”. All I wanted to do was clean the darn place. I mean that cable has been there for at least a year if not more and it had to bother me NOW. Bleh! I really hope I can get my two days off a week so I can start cleaning this house cause it’s driving me crazy. I had done so well two years ago. Cleaned half the house out and then took a break and never went back to it. I don’t understand how I’ve done it as I only had a day off back then as well. I cleaned the biggest part of the house too. Got rid of so much stuff. I’m looking back and just don’t know where I took the time and energy. I really want to get back to it with the new year but it’s coming so quickly and I feel I won’t be up for the challenge once it gets here. With the new year I want to start cleaning the house, eat less fast food and start exercising but I don’t know what to do as far as exercise. I’d like to start the Zumba again but I always end up hurting my knee so it’s prob not a good idea. Walking isn’t a good idea either with my foot so I really don’t know. I just want the new year to be a productive one as I feel this last one was a very lazy one and I don’t like being lazy, I need to get back on track. One more week of laziness then go go me. 

Well it’s midnight so I should get to my reading if I want to sleep not too late. I wish I had tomorrow off but I don’t so yea.. I just hope I’ll be able to stop thinking cause right now I keep thinking of all the things I should of already done and haven’t. Like curtains, still haven’t put any back since we had the windows changed. Gosh! New windows still got paper tape on them and it’s been eight months for crying out loud. The A/C is still in our window, still haven’t cleaned between the two windows from being opened all summer. Still haven’t checked my old phone to save pictures and such. I can’t believe myself, this is craziness. I just never feel like doing anything. I just want to sit there, watch a show and play on my phone. I’m so ashamed of myself..

Okay, I need to shut up and get going as I’m just getting depressed with all this thinking. Hopefully my book will change my mind and put it to rest for now. But in all, I really hope this new year gets more productive so at the end I can feel more accomplished. 




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