[152] ~*Tue – 12/26/17*~

[12:51 pm]

I didn’t think the tractor would come back last night to reopen the driveway but he did around midnight so he was here before hub came back from work. Earlier in the day we couldn’t get one to come and at midnight there was three of them going around the Court. I just don’t understand how they work.

Anyways, I opened the few gifts I had and scratched the ticket one of my client had giving me. If I can count right, I won $50. Crazy! I checked the ticket like 10 times cause I couldn’t believe it but I’m pretty sure. I’ll have to get it checked out later if we go out. At first I thought I had won $10 which was already a good thing but then I found another word I hadn’t totally scratched off so that made it $50. I still have a win a grand a day to get check, would be awesome if I could win something on that as well. Would make it for a great New Year.

I was reading last night and finally put my book away at like 4 am. I just couldn’t stop myself from reading, it’s so interesting and kinda made me sad at the same time. It’s about a man who has to put his wife in a psych ward because she becomes schizophrenic. It just sorta brought back memories of one of my client that I helped out get into a nursing home last year because he was acting up (he was schizophrenic). At first I would go see him at the nursing home but then I stopped cause I didn’t have the time. It will be a year that I haven’t seen him in Feb and I feel terrible about it for leaving him all alone. He didn’t have any friends or family in the area so I really was the only person that would visit him. I honestly feel like a terrible person for leaving him alone. I kind of want to go see him but I’m scared cause it’s been so long and I don’t know what I should do. 

So as I was saying, I went to sleep at like 4 am and woke up around noon today. That means I had about eight hours sleep which is normal. Yesterday I had between 13-14 hrs. I’m telling myself that if I could get two days off instead of just the one I would become okay as the first day I always sleep so much as I’m exhausted from my week but the second I seem to be back on track. That said, my first day off I could sleep as I want and rest and the second day get my things done. That would be good. I think I really need it and hope we can make it work for the new year. At least for a lil while so I can get some much needed rest.

Well, it’s about 1 pm right now and I don’t really feel like cleaning the suggies cage just yet so I will be watching a show and then I’ll get to it as I’m up early enough to do it. I’m not too sure at what time hub went to bed but I hope he won’t be sleeping too too long as I have plans for us today. At worse I’ll wake him up, he still has tomorrow where he can sleep. Bouhaha!




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