Man holidays suck. Nothing makes you feel more alone than seeing all the happy family pics everyone is posting online, while you’re sitting alone. Everyone else talking about waking up Christmas morning and how great it was. I woke up on my couch, alone as usual.

I hate feeling like this. I hate that one moment I can be fine, and then suddenly the feelings and thoughts of how much I miss you slam into me and I start crying. And in those moments, that need to be near you is 1000 times stronger.

I thank God for the time we spent together the other night/day. It felt so normal and amazing in it’s simplicity. I miss that feeling. I miss being close to you. I miss your voice. God, I miss every-fucking-thing. 

On top of that, today, I miss Christmas morning with your family. I miss feeling like part of a family. I miss seeing Faye open presents.

I wish these holidays would just stop. They’re killing me.

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