Two Things

2 things i want today:

i. a book in hard copy

ii. adult coloring book

i wish i could get my hands on them rn. i want them right now.there a book shop at the end of my street and i could go out and check it out for the book i want. the bookshop might have the book i want as its an old book; it was published in 2007 but i highly doubt if they’ll have the coloring book and i’ll have to buy colors too,yep i will and i want crayons too but its too late here,it’s 9:08 PM here and that’s not a issue but its freezing cold outside and nobody will agree to go with me,duh

i want to color! i want to paint too, cant believe i haven’t painted since like 2008. that’s a shame now.  hiding my face. and i have 4 or 5 unfinished books. i haven’t finished The Zahir yet and it’s been 6 months, mindset and 40 rules of love are also waiting and wanting to be finished. God, help me. and look at me, i want to start two more books haha. that’s plain silly now, well

i’m listening to Perfect by Ed sheeran, its on loop on youtube. i like its video and that snow!! i want to roll in it with Cameron :-p 

oh, and my former bff called and hour ago. she called in the morning too. couldn’t pick up,didn’t call back or text her asking  why she called. totally forgot that she called. so, she called again and she is about to cry,she misses me. oh! i was like there’s nothing to be sad about that. she wanted to come over but my house is a good 40 minute drive from her house. then she wanted me to come over but no way i’ll go to her house! that’s not happening, na na! once i leave people and things behind, i do. there’s no going back. 

I told her we can meet up cuz im off from uni till 7 jan,so yep, we can but idk what she wants haha, she doesn’t want my sister to come with me. i take her with me most of the time whenever i go with my friends cuz she is a bigger introvert than i am.  we will do this now have double friend date. she will call her hs best friend and i will meet with my former bff, but we haven’t decided a date or i’ll go alone.  my sister has this thing that even i don’t like sometimes that is she is clingy and doesn’t let me go anywhere and takes me with her where ever she goes,. damn! that’s irritating. i have asked her this multiple time what she will do when ill get married. but she is like she’ll manage then i tell her, “start from now, think i’m married haha” but you think if she leaves me alone.  

Im angry at myself sometimes like im today. im angry at myself. so much cuz im an idiot sometimes. i didnt hurt anyone, living or non living.  but im just angry at myslef!! ugh! i am mad at myself cuz i am! i just want to be alone and just…

i’ll go, bye

5 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. What book is it you want to get? I like adult colouring and also adult dot to dot too, nice and relaxing! U are lucky to have shops open late all ours shut at 5pm!! Also I hope you are having a good festive season xxxx

  2. Merry Christmas! I want this book named before I die, I read the reviews and people were saying,its pretty similar to tfios,I like TFIOS.( I’m a sucker for cute romance haha), but I’m this book,girl has leukemia and boy is healthy and she dies in the end.
    Yep,they are open here til 10 and the bigger markets are open til 11 pm. That’s cool,yep :).
    I draw occasionally, but I want to color cuz I want to take my mind off things. That dot to dot is awesome,used to love it when I was little and used to get newspaper every Sunday n I would get u early every Sunday n wait for the news paper and then read all the stories in kids section and do that dot to dot and see which animal it was aha,good old days. :).
    Hope you are having a great holiday season with family and relaxing! Love to Mia! Xxxxx

  3. Oh I love romance stories too! I’ve got ‘me before you’ by jojo Myes but I haven’t read it yet! I love reading but like you I have soooo many books to read yet keep wanting more… my new year resolution is to read all the books I have before getting new ones! Hope you get your book soon, thank you for the holiday greetings, love to you and your family too xx

  4. Oh I love romance stories too! I’ve got ‘me before you’ by jojo Myes but I haven’t read it yet! Hope you get your book soon, thank you for the holiday greetings, love to you and your family too xx

  5. I have watched me before you and if i didn’t love it? its my favorite movie and even people say its over rated but who cares like it has Sam Claflin and his british accent haha.
    thankyou! hope u have an awesome day! Xxx

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