Weight Troubles

Literally ever since I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. I just want to be done. A little while back I had posted about deciding on a weight loss surgery.. Well, sadly that won’t be an option anymore. So it’s time for me to look my biggest daily struggle in the face and tackle it! This is no “new year new me”, I want this to be a new lifestyle I slowly but surely take on. And no one person is perfect. I still expect myself to slip up and eat like shit one night, I still expect myself to drink too much at a friends party, I don’t expect to be perfect. But even so, just suffering the gym every day is hard, but I know I can do it. I give myself no choice. Low carb and gym life is where I’m going to be. I don’t know of any other advice I can give myself other than to just grab a bottle of water and do it… more water less carbs. I got this! I currently weigh 260ish, and by looking at me you would NEVER guess it, because luckily I do carry my weight well. But I’m not a tiny girl, and I feel like I am judged from it. I feel like men look at me differently, and to be honest with myself, I FEEL like shit! So, here’s to hoping that I can stand by my goals. To make it to the gym. To live healthier, look better, and be happier. Anyone who reads this, tips are welcome.

XOXO Katie 

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