What is the obsession with jumping straight into a relationship with someone, without taking the time to discover who the other person is, to decide if you two even really like each other beyond an initial attraction. 

When “her” and I started flirting, I never really thought it go passed that. One night she decided to come up here, as she lives an hour away, we fooled around a little, then things changed. Suddenly we were “doing” , “what ever it is” as shed called it. I told her I was in no position to be in a relationship, I don’t have the time, nor the emotional stability to dedicate to someone, as I’m honestly still in love with…someone. However, I told her I wouldn’t mind spending time with each other, getting to know each other. I’ve been to her house twice, she’s been to mine once, and we hung out one other time. Yet, the other night she sent me a text as if she was breaking up with me because, well….I’m to busy. She really wants to give this a chance, but I don’t have the time……when did it even get to that point? Really wanna try a relationship already and you barely know me…what I like, what I want in life, do we even like the same music? That’s a deal breaker  haha. 


I hate co-dependency….

You don’t HAVE to be with someone, it’s ok to be alone, not dating someone. It’s better then lying to your self, and or someone else. Nor is ever single person you meet or find attractive going to be your forever….

       Your forever causes am unstoppable electricity when your together, gives you a fire in your soul…..shakes every inch of you…..and lights every dark corner. 

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