Day 665 to 669 – Christmas and The Last Jedi

Tuesday, December 26th 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

The past five days was good for me! The weekend was filled with last minute Christmas shopping. But to extend on Sunday, there’s this very attractive pair of brothers that sits behind me in church, so I’m extra excited for next Sunday, haha.

Monday was Christmas of course, and I had a wonderful time with my family! We talked, played games, exchanged tons of gifts, and had an overall great time. I played Uno with my cousins and won both times (woo), and enjoyed a good meal. It wasn’t the best though; I’m allowed to complain! My grandmother didn’t make it unlike usual; she ordered like last year, and this year it wasn’t so great. My grandmother’s cooking I’d never complain about anyway; it’s too good for that, haha. Grandmothers’ cooking in general is amazing.

Today I went to see The Last Jedi! I was scared, cause so many people hated it, but it was AMAZING! I get why a lot of people hated it, but it was still great, regardless! (From now on, spoilers). I guess people complained about Snoke, which I totally get. Who is he? And the other complaint is probably about Kylo Ren, because he’s been childish since the beginning. However, Snoke even pointed out that he was childish, because that’s the point! He acts completely based on emotion and impulse; he lacks control which is what makes him a dangerous Force wielder. I also really liked his backstory about Luke almost killing him, and Kylo being afraid of Luke and feeling betrayed. Luke probably wasn’t ready to properly handle someone falling to the dark side. He felt shame after igniting his lightsaber, but he was too late. What I didn’t like about the movie instead of Snoke though, is the use of comedy in stressful, meaningful and suspenseful situations; it takes away the importance of certain scenes. My thoughts on Porgs? I guess they’re cute, but they’re like chickens to me, so I don’t really care, haha. Also, Rey’s parents; I hated it at first, but now that I think about it, I kinda like how they say that they weren’t important, and that they were nothing. They sold Rey for drinking money, which seems like a boring backstory, but it shows how great things can come from nothing. And I’m glad they made it so Rey isn’t the only super force sensitive one, but Kylo as well. They are actually on the same level; Kylo lost the first time, because he was still torn about his father and the dark side, and he still had conflict in him in this movie. Speaking about powerful though, Snoke was made to be this untouchable emperor, but was easily tricked and killed. I find that disappointing.

Overall though, I loved the movie. Kylo Ren has remained my favourite character for this new generation of movies, and this movie has made me like him even more.

Other than that, I gave my Christmas gift to Kohai, and I’m so happy! I was excited to give it for a long time, haha. I loved her reaction and her gift to me as well.

That’s all for today.

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