My First Post

So why did i join this website?
I need a way to express my feelings.

So how am i feeling?
Whats going on in your head?

Well…its multiple things…

Lets start with the most important one..
You don’t know who you are, what you want to be and you just don’t like yourself at all.
You are stuck and uncertain of where you want to go in life and you get annoyed with everyone around you who seem so sure of what they want. You want to do something meaningful but you just have no idea what it is yet. You think you are stupid, boring and ugly and it affects you so much that you can’t motivate yourself to change your life. You stay in the shit job, shit house and shit life. You are stuck.

Second thing
You don’t trust anyone around you – all of your friends you think are your best friends seem to have their own best friends meaning you aren’t really their best friend which also means they don’t care about you as much as you think.
You lost your best friend recently to her new boyfriend who is 30 years older than her and she didn’t care what you had to say, she ended the friendship with a text that said “peace out”.
Your boyfriend recently almost cheated on you too remember? But you are still with him…lucky you caught him before he actually went to go and cheat on you. He says he was sorry and you know he truly loves you and he didn’t mean it but he is part of the reason you are so stuck in life. You don’t want to move out and break up with him so you stay at the house with him and don’t even try to figure yourself out anymore.

I need something new.
I need to change something.

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