Our Christmas

Well Christmas is over for another year.. it’s always bittersweet to me but this year we have our trip tomorrow to look forward to! 

 Christmas Day itself we spent at my in laws and yesterday with my mum and Dad, so today has been lovely just relaxing in our own house, Mya has had a chance to play properly with some of her gifts, I am sitting now watching Christmas specials (birds of feather and mrs browns boys) with Andrew , with a glass of wine. Poor old mya has developed a bad cough tho and she keeps waking with it, I’m praying it doesn’t go into anything worse. 

 I got some lovely gifts, including some good books (finished one already) a big paint by numbers, So perfume and chocolate and wine. My best gift is a silver ring that says ‘mum’ that Was myas gift to me… I will treasure it forever! I know how lucky I have been and I do appreciate it.

 I will update properly once back from our trip, we come back on New Year’s Day . 

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  1. I hope Mya’s cough didn’t affect her too much on your trip, I do really hope you guys have had a great time so far <3 Happy New Year!! xxx

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