Poem #1

She loves as deep as the ocean, and he loves as a shallow grave
As he drowns she reaches out to pull him to the surface, as she suffocates he just throws more dirt on her face
She would follow him to hell and back to prove her loyalty, he cannot even give her a phone call saying hes ok
He expects her to give him the world but he cannot even give her a moment of his time 
She is a beautiful disaster she  covers her body in an art no one else can understand; each scar has a story
He tells her shes crazy for doing such things as if he doesn’t know that each scar tells the story of his love for her

Their love is so toxic to her she is addicted to the taste, he feeds her poison like its a drug and like a good girl she drinks it up just to make him smile… turning her soul a bit more black each time but to her it is worth the damnation just to feel that moment of warmth from his touch, that softness of his lips in his kiss, the way he brushes her hair back from her eyes and looks deeply into them as if he can see straight into her soul.. she cannot hide from him but he is nothing but a lie and there is nothing to truly see inside his soul.. he is a con artist through and through and even though she knows this she cannot stop herself from the temptation of making love to him… she would take any poison or any beating he would deal out to her just to feel those short few moments where he holds her and makes “love” to her like no other has before…

She knows nothing lasts forever but she will spend her forever with him until he leaves her standing out in the cold with nothing left physically, emotionally, her soul is shattered and blackened to the point she cannot find the pieces in the dark. All her pieces sharp enough to cut the last part of her story into her skin as she lays in the tub and watches her blood run so bright and crimson red.. she gets off on the pain knowing that he may have controlled her entire existence but only she will control how she leaves it! A beautiful smile creeps across her face she is finally in control and she finally won!!! Goodbye to the world who never cared enough to stop him… or her.. 

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