Why I Am Writing

Salaam.  Peace be upon you.  

I am writing in this journal as a way to document my thoughts and have some form of an outlet.  I don’t expect people to read this or even care.  Why would someone who is a stranger from anywhere within the United States, my home country and land of birth, or around the world care?  Not many have cared to ever comment except with nasty messages when I have attempted to blog about my life before online, be it in the form of blogging or online diaries.  I used to be on Open Diary and My Dear Diary, both of which shut down without warning and whose usernames I don’t remember.  

I have tried role playing and do not have much luck in that.  I believe that role playing is dying or that I, at least, cause role plays to die.  I swear this is true as it seems whenever I join a role play, they die within a few days to a week of my joining and people seem to take issue with my characters, and therefore I end up pissing other people off with my characters’ personalities.  Mostly, I end up RP’ing by myself since nobody else wants to RP with me.  This is the only way I get any social interaction as I have no social skills and do not go out in public.   You may call me Totem by the way.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am Writing”

  1. Nice to see you here Totem! Is that a hunger games quote? I am reading that just now! Welcome to GNJ!

  2. Hello Pinkbutterfly! Thank you for the welcome. It is indeed a quote from The Hunger Games.

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