You Aint Gon’ Tie Me Down Syndrome

Nothing feels worst than the idea of locking it down with someone who isn’t right for you.

It feels like claustrophobia right? Feels like your being forced to fit into awkward jeans that are too tight or short or irregular.

This feeling is called “you ain’t gon’ tie me down syndrome” (yagtmds) and it turns the most dependable individual into the biggest flake in the world.

Episodes of sweating, nausea, strong gag reflexes occur when a phone call or text message comes to you from that undesired individual. The mildest tempered of the Mormon arena will turn into a rude and blunt shark in order to try to repel this mate.

While I want to show compassion for “you ain’t gon’ tie me down syndrome”, I also want to suggest that it may be do to overactive Eternal Companion disease. which essentially means that you are so anxiously looking for the one and only, that every first date, hang out, flirt gets measured up against eternity.

As we all know, eternity is a long time, its difficult for any of us to grasp/live up to.

My suggestion is that we all take a deep breath… and exhale slowly.

Just because someone thinks you are worth a date, or phone call or text or flirt…it doesn’t mean they wanna lock you in an elevator and be with you forever and ever and ever.

Let’s just calm down and get to know people. you never know when Mr. wrong will introduce you to his brother Mr right. or when miss too many dinner invites herself, will have a roommate, whose cute, and lonely and single. *wink*

Lets date to have fun. and then go from there.

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