[153] ~*Thu – 12/28/17*~

[8:57 pm]

I was too depressed to write yesterday. It has been super cold for the past three days and yesterday when I tried to start my car with the common start, it didn’t work. No big deal, when it’s super cold it doesn’t work. I tried it a second time and nothing again. I decided to get dress and go outside to start the car myself as I wanted it to be warm for when I was ready to leave. Car didn’t wanted to start at all, even with the key. NO!!! I had to take the other car which I really HATE taking with clients cause they are so messy and not careful but I had no choice if I didn’t wanted to cancel my day. This is why I’m really starting to dislike my job cause if I don’t have a car, I can’t work and it really sucks. Cars should be provided for the job. 

So I went out with the other car and went to a few places to have prices on new battery as mine had decided to die. I didn’t wanted to buy one right away as I still had hope and wanted to try boosting the car fist has it had been very cold and I hadn’t started the car on Tue. One of my client was draining me so much mentally and I was so close of losing it with him. I already had a lot on my mind with the car needing so much repair and now a new battery. I also found out yesterday that my car will cost about $1500 at the body shop which is $500 more than what I was willing to pay but I don’t have a choice.

When I got home last night I had brought some Dixie Lee so me and hub ate and then we tried boosting my car for like half an hour. It got a lil bit of juice as the radio and heat would start which wouldn’t in the morning but it still wasn’t enough to actually start the car. Looks like I’d have to go out and actually buy a new battery which I did today and it costed $150. Man this car is costing me a lot this year but I was happy to hear it start again. I’m not ready to give up on the old thing just yet.

While I was out yesterday I decided to buy this Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Switch and let me tell ya, I was very much disappointed with the game. I didn’t really look at it and thought it was going to be a party game but man was I ever wrong. It’s a type of game I don’t like playing. It also says you can play two players but you need to finish a world first. Hub played for almost an hour and a half and he still hasn’t unlocked the two player mode. Arg! That said, I didn’t even play the darn game last night, I just watched him play. I wasn’t impressed! I had bought the game so we could play and so I could change my mind of off things but nope. Glad it was on special and that I saved $30 on it. 

Beside that, hub is now sick. He didn’t really wanted to go to work today but didn’t have a choice if he didn’t wanted to lose his Holiday from Xmas. I hope his time at work goes well. He also found out that he will be working over night again and I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I’m already jealous of his three days off compared to my one day off a week. Blah! At least if ever I have more trouble with my car, I have a back up as right now we need both cars during the day. With him working over night we can work it out with just the one car if ever it gets to that for a while. It will also mean that if we want to go away on Mon night to gain a day, we will be able to do so. He will also get paid a bit more as you get a bonus when you work over night. In all, it should be better but yea, three days off. Blah!

My throat is still full of mucus which is getting very annoying. I’m trying to cough it up but it just doesn’t want to come up and I don’t really want to try too hard cause I don’t want to make myself puke. I got some medicine for it yesterday but I’m not sure if it’s working or not. I just can’t wait for it to go away cause this ball feeling in the throat is just too much. I feel like it comes very close to me being able to cough it up but then I swallow and it just goes back down. I’ve tried reading online for ways to help but meh. 

Well, time for a nice warm bath so I can relax that poor body of mine.


[11:48 pm]

Gaw! I just started coughing up some mucus and it’s horrible. It’s like puking but not really puking. I’m exhausted, it just took so much energy out of me suddenly. I can still feel the ball there but it’s not as big. Now if only I could stop coughing so hard, my head wants to explode. It’s late and I still need to wash my bras and put away some clothes. I could always wait tomorrow for the clothes but I know that if I don’t do it tonight it will stay there until the next time I do the laundry. I won’t be puting it all away but at least one basket.

Well, I shall get to that if I want to read and play my farming game before sleepy time.




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