is there something im not understanding??

Okay seriously now I am just pissed off !BOYFRIEND PROBLEMS WARNING RANT! Okay so my boyfriend me and him been together for what about almost 3 years now and in those 3 years being together his mom has been living with him so heres the scoop she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer so she had to do surgery at first i felt bad because he said she could lose her life and nobody wants to lose their mom ik i wouldnt thats horrible BUT theres helping out when it is needed than theres over staying ur welcome…she has from what my own bf told me has been staying with him since he turned 18 years old..hes 26 now oh minus one year because he had his own apartment once but she complained so much which led her to think he was ignoring him so she tried to commit suicide and than he came back home and started to support her again she has a job but it obvi doesnt pay well because than why would he and i be here if she had money??  she has no husband and is supporting her other sons ex girlfriends two children ( ur going to hear the whole story so grab a snack and get comfy because this is like 8 seasons of couple problems) so his brother a fuckboy he likes to date the sleaziest and easiest without thinking about the outcome he now has 3 kids and many many women who know him ..but anyways he never got legally married to his baby mama so technically she isnt part of their family but my bfs mom loves them like they are her own which comes down to the problem we are having since she is taking care of these kids she has no money for a house or her phone bill or anything like that but heres the kicker she doesnt let the babymama have her kids and the babymama doesnt care about that shes a little hoochie so no kids means party and dicks so thats what shes doing cant even keep a throws these two girls at us to take care of but anyways before i get to off track since we have been together he used to take me out and treated me like a damn queen he had me melted in his hand i was hooked and i would do anything for him i still would but hes been pissing me off he is a big mama boy nothing wrong with loving ur ma but shes is just using him ..a leech. shes knows she is too and i want to smash some shit at a wall ..he doesnt see it unless i bring it up and i have been for a good year now ..he just says babe we dont have enough money to move and i tell him well if we stop givning ur mother money for cigs and gas and stupid ass shit we would already have a place and he just stares at me with silence no emotion what so ever and changes the subject every time i got so frustrated i cried till i puked. if he would just put on some damn pants and tell his mom he cant afford to keep doing this and wants to live his own life with his girlfriend jesus i dont understand if im missing something..does this make me an asshole to even say that i want to take him away from her and just go far away?? more to come i just need to take a shower ..ttyl whoever reads my entries sorry if i confused you. 

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