2018 list of hopeful happenings


what will this year bring???hmmm hoping it will be a year of positivity and tons of fun. 2017 was an ok year so here’s hoping 2018 will be epic!!

this year I hope to:

take better care of my health…thyroid, cpap therapy, weight, better nutrition 

do more geocaching and meet new people! Go to new places and explore towns! Attend a mega event!

do more bullet journaling, sewing, crocheting, take more interest in crafts I enjoy!

grow in my Christian faith! Read my bible more, pray more, make a prayer bullet journal. Study God’s truths

get out of debt. This is huge. I do not have much debt but instead of spending money on junk put the money towards my bill of credit card and student loan!

go to Cuba. Learn about the culture.

Eliminate drinking! I usually do not drink lots! Once again put money to bills!

Take more interest in my house. Cleanliness is next to Godliness so they say. Lol

read more and learn about something new each day. 

Get out more. More people time.

well that’s a start of events and things to make 2018 a great and fulfilling year.




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