Beginning (Entry 1)

This is going to be raw, truthful, only slightly changed (Im changing names) because I want to just put it out there and I think it will be nice to put everything out there. The first entries in here will be from the journal that I have been writing out for years, really I just constantly write in it and it makes me feel better to write.

Some of these things that I write will not make sense to you because you are not in my life, but I hope that you can gain perspective from them.

Entry 1: September 26th, 2016

So I had an interesting day at crew. So we all agreed yesterday that we would rig boats today and then whoever wanted to row could go out. Then Coach Aaron and Coach Emma pulled people out into boats so all that was left of people were basically all of the varsity guys and me.

We were laughing and having fun while rigging boats. Then when we had finished all of the rigging of the boats, Frank let us go if we didn’t want to row. The only people that were left standing were me, Kayden, Christopher, Samuel and Noah.

We were all arguing about who was going to cox us because we had exactly enough for a four and a coxswain, After the small dispute, Samuel said that he would do it.

Now, when I saw the boat, I was thinking, “okay I’m probably gonna be bow or something so I can stay out of the way,” but then we went over to the Pike, and Coach Frank said “Kendare, you’ll be stroking the boat and Noah, you’re three seat.”

So I’m like, “Ohhh…” so we pick up the Pike and head on down, I was barely holding the boat because I am shorter than all of them. Then we head into the boat and I chatting with Noah. Noah is just really nice to talk to. He listens to what I have to say. He laughs at my jokes and he is sooooo nice to me. Also I think he might like me. I am not sure if I like him or not but I do get this heart-wrenching feeling in my chest whenever I think about what he says to me.

But when I was talking to him, he said that the boys don’t like Coach Emma either (because the girls hate her soooo much). And I said, “Well you don’t have to have her as a coach.”

We were doing this drill where we don’t row with our arms and we were habing fun. We were talking and I just really like talking with Noah, I wonder if I actually like him more than a friend or I just find it so satisfying to be talking to a friend and having fun.
Anyways, I am actually so proud of this joke that I came up with today.
“Why couldn’t the republican bird fly? Because it had two right wings!”
That is the best joke ever!
I told it to Frank and he said that he liked my physics joke better. I then proceeded to tell my boat the joke and they all laughed and I told them about my science quizzes last year. I really loved being with them.
At the end, I cleaned the boat and Noah walks over and helps me and then we talked about the regatta and how the boys will be in a four (Kayden, Christopher, Blake and Marvin) and how awful Blake and Marvin are.
So I don’t know if I actually like Noah or not but more information gathered on that at crew tomorrow

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  1. Can’t wait to read more of you! Hope we can go through our stories together x EM

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