December Therapy

Salaam.  Peace be upon you.

Yesterday I found out that Hopewell, the company I do therapy and caseworker stuff through along with primary care, has cooking classes.  Come January 11th 2018, I will be speaking to my caseworker about potentially joining. Yesterday, my therapy session ended ten minutes early, though I know I am being billed for the entire hour.  At least my caseworker manages to find something for me to do and talk about for the entire hour, though we can’t do much on the housing front or the social security front either.  I have stopped getting those stupid work schedules that my county requires you to do if you’re on food stamps.  It’s like 20 hours a week plus like 9 or 15 hours a week volunteering somewhere that isn’t a relative’s house.  They do not care if you cannot make it to these events either, nor will they help you get there.   You’re expected to do them and I never have.  I think that under President Trump’s administration we will see a slash of Food Stamps, Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare for the poor people.  My grandmother is becoming annoyed with everything regarding therapy being cut by several minutes though I did get into therapy this time on time and didn’t have to wait.  It wasn’t busy either by no means.   

Yesterday in therapy we talked about the cooking class briefly where I was told the caseworkers manage the groups through Hopewell for their clients.  We discussed what I can do to instill social interaction and confidence in myself, neither of which are easy with me not driving or having a license, with me being so far out that there is no transportation or sidewalks to safely walk on.  Even if there were sidewalks to safely walk on and I didn’t have to worry about being run over, as people tend to attempt such a thing around here, it would still be at least, 4 hours 58 minutes being the shortest time.  We live in a tiny unincorporated community of 873 people.   There are no sidewalks anywhere but for the actual town for a very small section of houses in the little village, forest all around us as we live near some state parks, a gas station, a bar and one sole apartment complex which to my knowledge is not available as it’s under new management and is still being fixed up.  That’s pretty much all we have.  No community center, no school district, no stores or parks/playgrounds.  Not even a fire department or police station.  Grocery shopping can be done either 24 minutes from where we live heading north, 38 minutes west, or 48 minutes going south and west.  I’m scared to drive and so that’s why I don’t study for my driver permit.  I know I need to learn how to drive in order to become independent, to maybe get a job, to maybe go to college.  I can’t depend on others to transport me everywhere for the rest of my life but I can’t exactly say why driving scares me either.  Maybe it is because I don’t have anybody to really teach me driving either.  My grandmother’s vision is failing, my aunt won’t teach me to drive, my cousin has no car of her own to teach me, my grandfather can no longer drive.  Life is throwing every obstacle at me to ensure I don’t become independent I feel. 

May the odds be ever in your favor

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