Wake me up when it is over she thinks to herself
wake me up when he actually shows he cares so she can catch a glimpse of what this looks like
wake me up when there is love to be found because up until now love has been a game leaving her losing
wake me up when the day is over so she may watch the stars at night the only true compassion she has ever felt from the moon

How many times must she say “I Love You” just to watch the words crumble to dust
How many times must her heart and soul shatter at the hands of an untrue love

Take my hand he says and I will do no wrong; she reluctantly slips her hand into his
Look into my eyes he says and I will tell you no lies; she very cautiously looks up into his
And with a kiss another love is set on fire just to burn; burn her to ashes once more

how many times must she pick up the pieces to start over?
how many times will it take before she finally breaks?
how many scars must she wear before it becomes clear she is broken never to be rebuilt again?

 she doesn’t feel love like most others and she never will
she sees love as game of chess, a battlefield of wits who will hurt who first?
she used to believe in romance and now she just believes in love in the dark; the bottom of a bottle; a temporary moment 
Love is a four letter word she longs to feel and the words she longs to hear but sadly when it finally comes to her she wont accept it!

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