so im looking for a penpal or just a friend who needs a friend to talk to im 19 yrs old and i ligit have only 1 friend who i see in real life im a good listener and i give somewhat good advice im known as a therapy best friend ..i love to read alot i game alot i listen to music but country is a no for me ..im a self taught artist not famous but im sure ill get there ..my fave colors are red and black i love love cats im a mix of a goth but a girly girl sometimes i do have a foul mouth when its need im a big horror movie fan gore guts i love it all lol but i do hate clowns I HAVE A BOYFRIEND so no im not looking for that kind of relationship just friendship..so lets get to know each other..comment below or email me foreytdani@gmail.com 🙂 

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  1. Hey I left you a email so hope you read it idk if you want to but UGHHH I need someone to vent to

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