It’s That Time of Year Again…

It’s happening… The new year is fast approaching and that leaves many of us throwing ideas back and forth trying to decide what our new year resolutions will be. I must admit that I jump on that train along with millions of other people, and like (what I suspect to be) those millions of people, I fail almost before I begin. 

I have a problem, and I’m very aware of it, yet I consistently find myself in the same predicament; failure! I’ve learned that I do pretty well when I don’t plan things out or put pressure on myself to do things. I also find myself turning meaningful tasks into meaningless ones that I can’t stop for whatever reason. One of these tasks that used to have meaning was logging daily on My Fitness Pal (MFP) and that was helpful in keeping me on track and allowing me and my Dr. to see patterns that may have been having a negative affect on my health. I stuck with daily logging on MFP for 37 days. Then I ended up turning that task into a meaningless one. I still log in every single day, in fact I currently as of today have a 708 day streak of logging in without missing a single day. This serves no real purpose, yet I have on occasion panicked when I thought I have forgotten to log in before. I do NOT want to lose that streak, even though it is not doing anything to benefit my well-being in any capacity.  

Getting back on topic here… Just the mere act of making a resolution, declaring that I will or will not do something makes it exponentially more difficult for me to do. So I say don’t make new year resolutions and just focus on making good/healthy life decisions daily. Don’t set yourself up for failure right from the start. Don’t be one of those, “the diet will start Monday” people. If you want to do something just do it, don’t pressure yourself into it. In my experience you won’t do anything until you’re truly ready to do it anyway. So save yourself the frustration and aggravation and make your decisions on the daily with little to no expectations on what tomorrow will bring. 

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