Racing mind

Why can’t I make it stop?

All I need is for my mind to stop so I can fall into sleep and not face tomorrow….Until I wake. But I can’t stop my thoughts long enough to sleep. I try listening to music and scrolling through social media…but every song brings more thoughts. Every post causes my brain to race faster. I try to turn my phone off and close my eyes but that just causes my thoughts to run faster. Is there no end to the constant pull to reminisce on every conversation and occurrence of life? I pray to whatever god is out there to silence my mind so I can rest my exhausted soul. 

Off I go to try to distract myself enough to sleep for as long as my body will allow. 

2 thoughts on “Racing mind”

  1. Maybe try to disconnect from the tv, radio, phone, internet for at least an hour before going to bed. Have a mug of tea, nice hot shower, and just relax. I am one who’s mind races 24-7 and that is one thing that I am working on in 2018. Relax and enjoy a few moments of quiet!!

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