Spinning in anonymity and Hey this is me

Dear whoever,

We’ve all been there. A place where you just want to escape from it all.

Waw I’m surprised I have so much cliché in me.

Hi, I’m E.M. , 17, full time dancer, bun-head, ballerina and a what seems to be unloveable person. I don’t want to start this journal of on such a dramatic note, but I’m in that mood where you just cry for the feel of it. Don’t tell me you have not done that before.

I’ve been through some drama, on which i’ll inform you later. All of that led to me deciding to quit all my social media. My SIMcard isn’t working either so there’s no real way of reaching me, except if you have my e-mail. And let’s face it no one really uses that anymore. I hope this will give me some time to focus on ME MYSELF AND I.

Since I’m an artist I still feel this urge to express myself, but I’d like to start doing it anonymously.

Hope I’ll have a 10K fanbase by tomorrow.  😉

Thank you,




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