02: Different

~ Just because my path is Different doesn’t mean I’m lost  ~

                                                      – Gerard Abrams


Saturday, 30th of December 2017


   Trying to explain to someone what our personal reason is for the different path we are walking is like teaching a 3 year old with algebra. It isn’t the child’s fault why he could never understand but he isn’t developed enough to understand. We can’t explain to someone who isn’t at the same stage of their own reason, otherwise it would bring misunderstandings and confusions. In a different perspective, it only takes an open-mind and a heart to consider others’ differences. As long as everybody shares the same destination, the different roads we take don’t matter.


   I hope one day, they could understand me on why I act differently. I believe we can create a beautiful world in different ways altogether.


That’s all for today

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