[154.1] ~*Sat – 12/30/17*~

[11:36 pm]

I managed to stay awake all day and I didn’t sleep at the movies either. We went to see The Greatest Showman which was really good. I hadn’t even realized it was a musical and didn’t think my client liked those kind of movie. I saw a trailer for a second Mamma Mia and I am sooo excited as Mamma Mia is my fav movie.

Between clients I went to the Casino with my friend for brunch. I know I said I wanted to stop eating out but the new year is not quite here yet so I went out.

I’ve realized that for once, when I was coming home from work, I didn’t feel emotional. I’ve been feeling emotional on my drive home from work mostly every Sat ever since my dad passed and today I was alright. Weird! 




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