lately all I’ve been thinking about is last night….

My friend and I planed out to hang out with her boyfriend and a friend she had introduced to me, but I had never met him in person. I had to lie to my dad saying that I worked from 2pm till 10 pm just so that I could have more time to hang out. The whole way there my palms kept sweating because I was afraid I might get lost, especially because I hadn’t visited that part of town since I was 9 years old…. I decided to meet my friend at a near Starbucks, which is much easier due to the fact that there’s free Wi-Fi and my phone’s disconnected, bummer right! but anyways once I got there, I let her know and followed her to her place so that we could finish getting ready. We waited till 4 for them and when they got to her place I finally met him, he wasn’t so bad looking and he had a sense of humor which is a good thing, like who wants a boring and shy partner…ummm..not me! we headed out to go eat which took like 1 hour and 1/2 to decide where we were gonna have dinner, mostly because all the restaurants were packet and the wait was like 40 min. We decided to wait and it was actually worth it, the food was great, and the environment was too so, good shit. After dinner we went downtown to see some boring ass lights which I had gone to see like 20 times with different people.. oh I also forgot to add how he freaked out when I told him my age, which honestly isn’t that bad, he is only 3 years older but oh well. Anyways, when we were trying to find a space to park, we stopped at some lights and literally out of no where, fireworks started to pop, it was like we were at the right place at the right time… it was perfect. We obviously connected when we had talked during the ride so it felt like the perfect time to kiss, I promised myself that I wasn’t gonna go fast with him and instead wait but I couldn’t help myself or should I say…my hormones. We kissed and it was great, he had soft lips and I dig that. we decided to walk around for a bit and get a little bit of adrenaline in our bones, so we climbed on to the top of a really old building that was there, and it was phenomenal, mostly because we kept making out. On our way back, we just couldn’t stop kissing, I know it sounds over rated and childish but it was sweet. We all parted ways when I got to my car and well that was the end to us both. He hasn’t texted me back since yesterday so basically I just feel used, but I don’t sweat it because it always happens. Sometimes I wish someone would take me serious and meet my perspectives, but it can be too much to ask for. 

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  1. Im sorry to hear that that happend I felt my heart twist when u finished with that..i totally feel you ..if u need an ear email me I’m always up for another good friend u sound like a strong person hang in there

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