2018’s choice

so… about four months ago i was diagnosed with depression … which i deal with every day, some days more than others. For me depression makes me not care about what i am doing or how it effects others, or even showering( not that i want ppl to know about that, but this is not about others rn). My last entry was giving up on 2018 before it has even started, about not making plans for that year. But, today i was sitting on my couch and i realized i cant just give up, because then it wins. If i let the Depression win then i might as well make my bed in it. So, i Garnet 0 Vow to find one positive thing a day and find the beauty in the day for 365 days of the year. Maybe its not all about a new calendar and about the days that make the calendar. 

One thought on “2018’s choice”

  1. keep your head up! Find one thing daily will help you to take your mind off of your depression! Also find someone that you can make smile each day also helps too! It is tough but maybe 2018 will be a year where you can outgrow your depression. All the best… look forward to reading about your Journey thru 2018.

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