so…I was previously talking about how the guy I hung out with a few days ago never replied back, well…he did, but it seriously took him 24 hours to just say good night, like what the fuck… I decided to leave him on read just so that he could understand that I was frustrated. he messaged me again saying if I was done and if I was that it was okay…like really??? I of course ended up saying the opposite to yes. he then decided to express his feelings towards me by telling me how his attraction towards me was “unreal”, I guess its just his way of telling me he wants to fuck. I’m debating on whether I should have sex with him or not… I’m just surprised that he thinks that’s all I want. I have a flirty personality, and well sometimes it can send people the wrong message. I myself like sex, but only when I like the person…I like him but I don’t know if I like him enough to give him what he wants….. 

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