It’s ominous. A loud voice in the dark. Scary, even, to think about late at night. But what really is death?

It’s only a biological process. Natural, to an extent. However, with advancements in technology and medicine, dying strapped to a hospital bed and a hundred machines isn’t really natural.

But it’s also the inevitable end. Really, the fear of death should only come to those who aren’t fulfilled in life. Because death takes away everything. Your thoughts. Your senses.






Slowly, it drains the color from your face. The rest of your body. Your breathing slows, then stops. Her heart stops beating. Your brain stops functioning.

But really, what is death and why are we so afraid of it?

Death is your eternal boss. The one you cannot disobey. And perhaps that’s why we are afraid. Because there is no choice in death. Of course, you don’t know how you’ll die. But you’ll die no matter what. You cannot live forever.

If you claim to not be afraid of death, you are only lying to yourself. If you look death in the face, and think about every happy memory you’ve ever had. Every sensation, every feeling. Every person you’ve loved and will never see again. Every thought you’ll never think again. You’ll never laugh again. Smile again. You’ll never eat your favorite food again. And yes, people will be sad when you die. But when those people follow you to their dooms, you are lost to the world. 

Anika Howell.

I bet you don’t know who she is.

I don’t either.

That’s the thing about dead people. You don’t know them.

You know someone. You don’t see them for five years. You don’t click like you used to. They’ve changed.

You know someone. They die. You die five years later. They don’t bury you next to her. Even across from her. Because why would they? They’ve changed.

Death changes people. If you die and come back to life, you’ve changed. Your heart stops beating. CPR. You’re alive. But different.

The memory of being dead sits with you. Do you have memory of being dead? Do you see, think, feel? Or do you just suddenly collapse, and wake up in what seems to be the same second, gasping for air, not knowing that you’ve died?

Having a near-death experience puts your life in perspective. You’re not the same anymore. When you’re so close to dying, you realize that you take life for granted.

All things considered, death should be scary.

It’s the end.

And the end is near.

It gets closer every second. Every breath you take is one breath closer to your last. 

But we will never know.

We will never know that we’re dead.

Because you can’t think when you’re dead.

You just are.

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