In a perfect world.

In a perfect world… Many years ago my ex said to me “In a perfect world, we would be together forever.” It’s a statement I hated with every ounce of my being. I argued it with everything I had. In a perfect world?! Why does the world have to be perfect?! Why can’t we make OUR world perfect?! He knew long before I did that forever was never meant for us. He knew that someday, no matter how many times we found our way back to each other, there would be an end… And there was. And it killed me because I had to learn to separate that yes, love trumps all, in the right situation, with the right people. But I also had to learn that two people can love each other and not be meant to spend their lives together… I still hate it but I know it’s true. 

Anyways, here I am, YEARS later, and I STILL find myself thinking “In a perfect world…” In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be hurting. In a perfect world, I would be in love. In a perfect world, there would not be school shootings and massacres and people would be kind and they wouldn’t suck so bad at driving! Or perhaps that last one should be that in a perfect world I wouldn’t be such an angry driver ha-ha. None the less, it’s easy to think “In a perfect world…” And with that, there isn’t much to this entry other than a thought and a frustration. I hate those words every time I hear them, in my head or otherwise. Ugh! 

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