It’s too early in the morning

it’s to early in the morning for me to be thinking bout this but my boyfriend pissed me off seriously he does I don’t want to keep bringing up the past but God damn it it’s to hard not to first he was complaining to me about his girlfriend at the time wasn’t giving him sex so I flirted with him ik ik I absolutely knew what I was doing she did it to me way to many times and besides he liked me and he started it so but I’m also not a girl who loves a girl for going after a taken guy BUT she absolutely deserved it I explained in my first couple entries but anyways he complained to me about her not having sex with him for lying to him for her being to distant for her cheating on him for her being a damn bitch to him always bringing up the pity me card like the one time she even threaten to put him in court saying he raped her and shit he always gave into her bought her rings and clothes and even paid her cell phone bill he took her to concerts and called her sexy and pretty and I miss you tons etc etc always gave her all the attention at first to me he was just an guy with gf problems and I felt for him I did than i realized he had a gf so I backed off and was looking again until he told me who he was dating and I was like this bitch so I figured let’s have her taste her own medicine because she can’t keep going around hurting people so I lent him an ear and gave him advice which she was ruining her chances of being with him on her own so I was just adding fuel to the fire by being his “jiminny cricket” if you don’t know who that is please Google it and get with the program anyways I was his crutch to lean on and of course I was also flirting a bit and he caught on and flirted back because he was lonely and obvi he wasnt getting anywhere with her so we hooked up for friends with benefits and he was really good by the by lol i won’t give deets because ik there are lil eyes on here 😅 but anyways forward all the way to right now I ligit have to beg him for sex by fake complaining bout how he’s not giving me any sex lately we used to do it like all the time no matter what time it was ..ugh! I’m a nymphomaniac I LOVE SEX! I can’t help it..its driving me crazy and this is only the icing on the cake ladies and gents he won’t call me sexy or pretty or baby or babe nothing just hun..hun!! He masturbates to porn! Instead of having sex with me!! Wtf!!? And he does that while one gone I found out because we share a tablet like come on dude ..😑 I’m starting to think he is still in love with bitch face and it’s pissing me off every time i think about it ..i mean ugh idk I’m sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable but I’m not a normal person so yeah expect the unexpected from me ..ttyl person who reads my entries¬†

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