Unexpected Call

Salaam. Peace be upon you.

Yesterday I got something I didn’t expect. At 11:43 AM EST or rather DST since we’re in Daylight Savings Time (which ought to be done away with in my humble opinion), I got a phone call from the apartment complex I applied to. They have one 1-bedroom apartment available and I am next on the list. My phone was off and I was asleep during the day so did not hear the phone ring obviously. By the time I checked it was 6 something in the evening last night. I called back, then called again to say I was interested but never got a voicemail despite the lady saying the number would lead to voice mail. It sounded like it went to a fax machine. As I have never been the one to actively call back on apartments, much less apply to any before now, I am not sure how this process goes. Anyway, I have until 4 PM DST on Wednesday January 3, 2018 to inform them that I am interested in the apartment, otherwise they will set my application aside and go on to the next available person on the list. I have to go in Tuesday to get my dog a license anyway so might stop in then on Tuesday. However, the apartment complex has no website. I found their facebook page by chance and left a message on there saying I was interested. I think the apartment complex is only open on certain days but cannot remember as my caseworker has that information on their hours and the days the office is open. I have just called this morning at 8:13 AM (they open at 8 AM) and nobody picked up. I will try again around 11:43 AM and see if I can get anything. I do not know if they will be open on Monday or not. Their facebook page sucks. They have few posts on there and nothing about the days/hours the office is open. I wonder if it is even maintained. All the other apartments I lived in with my ex-husband had websites and actual working numbers and weren’t open on specific days with certain hours. I am not holding my breath but I am asking Allah (SWT) to let me get ahold of voicemail at least and keep the apartment open for me. It is the only one within walking distance to pretty much everywhere but my doctor and dog’s vet. If I manage to get ahold of somebody and tell them that I want the apartment complex then they will do a landlord/criminal background/credit check on me, then send the information to their boss who will approve or deny the application. I sent a text message to my caseworker, telling her I got a call from the apartment complex but she has not contacted me back yet. This is good, Insha Allah. We were going to call on January 11th (my next appointment with my caseworker) to see where I was on the waiting list. I don’t want to wait another 4 months for another apartment.

May the odds be ever in your favor

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