Goodbye 2017

Today was abit mundane, I’m waiting for the new year to begin so I can start all of my new years resolutions and then fail on the second day, just kidding I mean business this time however I do say that every year so just stay tuned and you’ll see for sure whether I mean it or not!

I’m basically just trying to become fitter, healthier, lose weight and become a better runner so I can maybe compete one day in a regional or national level given that I get good enough. There are other goals that I would like to achieve but for now I just want to journal this one.

I’m actually at the end of week 1 of my weightloss journey and I’ve lost 4 lbs already but Im sure its just water weight as its only the first week but I’m still very proud as alot of hard work and sacrifice went into that. There is alot of areas for improvement though 😛 (easy on the chocolates). But now that the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is over, my diet can only get better 🙂 My goal is to lose 20 lbs. My start weight was 110 lbs, now that may seem really small but I’m actually very tiny (only 4ft6) so my BMI has classed me as overweight :-0.

Well unfortunately I’ve got work tomorrow so I’m gonna have to love ya and leave ya xx


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