Here we are! That much closer to being able to Retire. Yea! So I had a situation a number of yrs. ago where I had to much to drink and made a fool of myself and said some things that were not very nice to a cousin. Stupid me. Through the yrs. he has made comments about it that just rip the band-aid off my wound that never heals. My wounds don’t! So I had a text from him yesterday poking at me again. I was nice to reply and flowed as if he and it was funny. Yeah not so much. I should have either not responded or told him to F&%$ off. So after spending most of the day beating myself up for that I also had the wound open and bleeding as I’m reminded of the fool I am. I’ve decided to just not speak with him as silence is punishment to me and he is to be punished, stupid me like that is healthy! I will see him next month and just will be polite and not interact with him not unless if have to. I won’t respond to texts anymore. He doesn’t live in the same city and he’s a cousin my marriage so who cares. I won’t be hurt anymore by his punch. I just tell myself that there are some things I be choosing to do to make it to the end of my work life and I need to care that much. However I don’t care, I just want to be left alone. Don’t like people, don’t like life. Thanks¬†

2 thoughts on “2018!”

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, he’s a bigger ass for continuing to bring it up. Forgive yourself and forget about it!

  2. Just like the comment above mine says, forgive yourself and let it go. Everyone makes mistakes. Let him beat the dead horse by himself. Giving him the same reaction is only letting him “win.” Non-reaction is the best reaction. He’ll end up looking like a fool.

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