A wild start to 2018

This new years must have been very different to all the other new years I’ve experienced. New years eve 2017 I spend standing by myself at the top of the hill watching the fireworks wondering by myself “Who will be a part of my life in 2017?”. I was a very lonely person, but its okay.. I’ve always been. Though this 2018 took a real turn. I spend my New Years eve with my beautiful boyfriend. 

He first came home to us to eat the last dinner of 2017 with us. My whole family and him. It was nice, even though this new years was awfully boring compared to the other years. Usually the whole family sits together and have a fun talk and just enjoy eachothers company. Sadly this year, my mother was downstairs singing karaoke, my father watching tv, and the boys playing videogames in their rooms. But its fine! I had my boyfriend to cuddle up with on the couch, so that was nice! 

My boyfriend and I werent going to stay with my family to watch the fireworks though, we went down to the city and planned watching it from the bridge there. We took a walk down to the city and its just about a 15-20 minute walk. We held hands and just talked and laughed for our selves as usually. When we got down we saw this giant pile of kids running over the road, like children… I honestly thought they were children until we got up close and found out it was just kids from my school, been partying and were really wasted. We just had to laugh about that too, ops?

Though when we got to the bridge, there where so many people there! So many drunks, teenagers, adults and everything. My anxiety started to kick in and I was literally just sqeezing his hand. The worst thing is that the fence to the bridge, was too tall and It was exactly blocking my eyes so I couldnt see a thing without having to either getting lifed up to bend down between the fence. He figured out it would be better to not stand on the bridge, and stand below it instead and look out. So we did and moved down.

As the clock striked midnight, I got my new years kiss. We made out, and my neck was a bit weird since he is literally 40cm taller than me. But it was wonderful, I really enjoy this guy and I’m glad I got to have him as my new years kiss. My first guy to kiss on new years at all actually. I’m looking forward to spending this year with him. 

Then we went to his house. And I lost my virginity. 

I do not feel like I have lost anything precious, or given away something that makes me vulnerable. I just feel proud for being able to do it, and being comfortable enough for it. He was also so gentle I couldnt have a more perfect guy to loose it to. I literally spend the whole day in bed with him and that was a very interessting way to start my year. It was fun, and it was passionate. I feel great. 

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  1. Congrats on losing your V-Card! Just remember to always be safe, use condoms, or Birthcontrol. Most importantly in my opinion condoms.

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