Hello again Everyone 🙂 

I am back to the grindstone today so to speak. I am back doing my Avon and weight loss programme, I am hitting it hard as this is what I really want to do, a long with being with my children and caring for my Mom.. Nothing more nothing less. Yes I still have my Job at Tesco it keeps a roof over our heads and pays the bill. Thankfully. 

I do love my Avon, I am determined to make it work. Plus extra walking etc will help with the weightloss 😉 I have been busy organising my little office area in the dining room and making sure I have all I need 🙂 Its times like this when I wish I had carried on when my ex told me to pack it in some 3 or 4 years ago. Around the same time as I lost some of my best friends too. 

I weighed in Yesterday and it wasn’t good I didn’t lose but I had gained only 1lb. Thats not bad considering some people gained 4 or 6 lbs in a week. I was impressed with myself. 

But today I am back on it with passion, yes we still have some Christmas cake and mince pies here at home, It doesn’t mean I can’t have any it just means I have to limit myself. Why make my own life miserable when I can still have it just track and acknowledge and not go bonkers lol. 

Anyway I better get my kids sorted and try and settle my youngest after all they are back to school on Wednesday 🙂 Yay!!! 

Thanks for reading 

bug hugs <3

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