happy new year to all

Happy New Year to everyone! I am writing this cause  I am curious to see how many people will read this post and wish me a Happy New Year in return. I am trying to spread kindness,in hopes that I’ll inspire others to do the same.I believe if more kindness was shown in this world,it would be a better place. If we all try we can make a difference. Please comment on this post even if  you do not agree with me. 

9 thoughts on “happy new year to all”

  1. H N Y to dixieblueyes, and here’s looking forward to another great year!!


  2. thanks Breaker…heres to another great year!!!! Looking forward to another one in 2018!!!!!

  3. Happy NEW YEARS…praying for many great adventures and events to keep you smiling through 2018

  4. Praying for u many great adventures and happy events in 2018 as well Creative Daisy! Thanks for the good wishes !

  5. Pinkbutterfly thanks and I hope you have a blessed New Year!

  6. Happy NY Dixieblueyes!
    Wishing you a blessed and safe 2018!

  7. thanks Mandolina and DeeB17….hope yo both have a safe and blessed New Year!!!!!

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