My name is Ellen

My name is Ellen, I’m an 16 year old girl from Norway. I am Norwegian by blood and by heart, but I am also half Filipino which is great. 

I am a girl of ambition, but also of a bit laziness which is a terrible combination. I am very passionate about my hobby photography. It’s a hobby I would like to get better and better at, a hobby I want to become to good at I can start considering having it as a part of my future. Like a career or a part of my job. 

Otherwise I usually spend my days studying (I wish), watching youtubers (I watch them all), netflix (I have watched most series and I have watched almost every movie). Or I hang out with my dear friends, or my boyfriend. 

I would like to describe myself as a very understanding human being, I enjoy listening/reading about other peoples problems and like giving them support or advice. Considering I am just 16, I might not have the most knowledge out there, but still it is always nice to have someone listen when you need them. I am also a bit passive agressive without realising it, I usually feel very attacked when people comment on my personality. I can be very stubborn so its understandable people get tired. 

I am very much into fashion. I am generally a very short invisible person (If it wasnt for my purple hair). I dress like I want people to notice me everyday, I want to express that I am more than just that silent invisible girl at the back of the class. Though my style really changes from time to time. Sometimes I’m really in a punk kind of mood and dress like Im about to go to a concert. Most of the time I dress fancy, with class. I want people to see I am mature and that I don’t make drastic choices in the warderobe! Like I have my life put together! (working on it). 

like I said, I am the girl at the back of the class who doesnt say much. I have always been a silent person, for some reason. Though with smaller groups of people I can easily just burst out and become the most social talkative person there. I often suprise people when I become very talkative. Though my friends love the new me, which is sad because the old me just needed their acceptance to be happy. Though now I am happy and they love me and I love them. 

I am a girl strangely obsessed with mystery. I find stalking attractive (unless in an extremely creepy way). I would consider following people and just watch them go on with their lives is a fun thing, but I don’t do that.. because thats probably illegal? Though I do really enjoy sitting a the same spot in the city for hours upon hours just watching people pass me and go on with their lives. It’s interessting seeing how different everyone is and figuring them out the few seconds they walk past me. 

I live in a small city, its a city but a small one so its perfect. I struggle with anxiety so theres that. I live with my mother, father, little brother, aunt and my cousin. I totally have 6 siblings. And a dog. A very important dog. 

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