Looks, Personality, Loneliness

Why is everything based on looks nowadays. What about personality? In no means am I jealous of someone beautiful. However, what if that beautiful person only has their looks to offer and nothing more? I am 20 years old, and I have never had a boyfriend. I believe that men are not interested in me because of my looks. However, if they tried they would realize how much my personality shines and how it helps me be even more beautiful. I am a very caring, sweet, funny, sarcastic, and intelligent driven young woman. I have so many goals in life and of course one of them is getting married and having children. However, how is that going to happen when nobody is interested in me? I fear that I am going to be alone forever, I understand that I am still young. However, when will I at least for a relationship, even if he is not the right man for me. 


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