To God : Here’s my ‘Thank You’ List for 2017

Since this is my first entry, I’ll start with my Grateful List for the previous year.
I’ll limit it to 10 items only.

#1 : Started the year with my father, which is rare. I don’t spend a lot of time with any of my family cause they live in another country. To say, I was able to celebrate the 1st of January with him last year was really something I’m very grateful for.

#2 : Trust. This one is BIG for me. I feel like I’m not a trustworthy person because of my inconsistencies and lack of commitment. People say that I’m smart and reliable, but I say different. I just do things correctly to avoid trying again. I’m the kind of person who hates to exert effort; half-hearted, half-arsed; I don’t like exerting effort. That’s why I’m grateful that people trust me. This year, I’ll put more heart in what I do.

#3: Job. It’s difficult to find a job that you’ll love. I don’t particularly love my job, however most of the time, what makes us stay in one place are the beautiful people around you and that’s what I have right now. Plus I get to listen to a LOT of music.

#4: Health. This is, probably, one of my most treasured wealth. As an independent young adult, while your parents away from you, it’s a big pain in the arse once we get sick with no one around to take care of you (plus the bills). I rarely ask my parents for any support. As much as possible, I want everything from my pocket and from the money I earned, unless they send some extras (which they do and they force me to shop, treat and pamper myself). Last year, I didn’t have any major health issues which was awesome. Hoping for the same this 2018 🙂

#5: Everyone who STAYED in my life. There are lots of things that happened, people who left and people who came into my life. I’m grateful for every one who didn’t leave me especially during my darkest moments last year. I mean it. I’m very thankful to have them.

#6: Music. Before I use it as an escape from the real world. I love these talents not because they’re awesome, but because I feel like I was given a chance to get closer to God. And even without it, I learned more about Him. It became a tool for me to know Him. I’m very happy that God blessed me with musical abilities because I get to sing for Him, play for Him and serenade Him. Music taught me that “I have nothing to offer to the world except for JESUS.” I know He can get others to play better than I do, but still I am grateful that HE gave me this chance. I’m not indispensable. There’s always someone better, that’s why I want to give my best so that I’ll never have have any regrets. 🙂

#7: Breakthrough in investing. I was able to reinstate my insurance policy and upgraded my music gears. Someone broke my yamaha guitar one week after I purchased it and it really broke my heart (and my wallet). I was devastated that I didn’t want to invest anymore. However, before the year ended, I was able to buy a brand new guitar from DnD (Junior Django) and a new keys (Alesis Harmony 61) and I felt very accomplished.

#8: All the travel opportunities. I went to a lot of places last year and it was refreshing. I was able to meet people, see new places, relax and enjoy the creation of God.

#9: All the lessons learned. Problems and trials came. That’s the best part of it since it gave me an opportunity to get something out of it. I learned how to find the good things out of the bad things. I learned how to be thankful. I learned to seize the moments given to me.

#10: GOD. You. I’m thankful for having YOU in my life. I have nothing to offer to anybody except for You. I’m boring and nothing. You made my life interesting. You gave my life a lot of interesting and lovely colors. You created me for the sole purpose of YOUR own self, nothing more. You created me for YOU. And we don’t get, take or waste ourselves with things or people we don’t like so that simply means that you like me… More like… You love me. So thank you for loving me so much.

This 2018, give me the strength to carry on and press forth for Your glory <3

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