True sorrow

Father… forgive me? I don’t ask that u take these tears…i deserved each and every one…i will accept them all. What I ask from you is forgiveness. I have learned my lesson for the last time and I want you to know that I truly want your will and not mine. Whatever that means… if it be that Im meant be alone for the rest of my life I give up this pain. I’ve had enough. I accept whatever pain I must reap that only i am to blame for what I’ve sown. I don’t ask for the reason to be removed but for the strength to dance in it.  I understand that my race almost over. Help me to be obedient to only you and remember  that to be lonely in this life no matter how much pain i think i feel… is a very small price to pay in order to finish my race successfully. 

Thank you for all you’ve done and are undoubtedly going to do to help me achieve this my only goal!

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