141 – after

  1. I feel happy today. It’s been a nice holiday season. I couldn’t ask for more – my kids and husband are happy and healthy. As are the rest of my immediate family. Every day I thank the powers that be that my octogenarian parents are mentally and physically very well. I am still gainfully employed. A little more secure feeling in that than as of late. For 3 of us the security of our positions here have been in question.  Mine more than the other 2. I was given a contract today to work 32 (vs 40) hours starting 1/8.  It’s what I need right now.  The other 2 have had their roles more clearly defined. The extra 8 hours per week that I will take back will be helpful for me and my family. My position does have an expiration date.  Not a formal one.  Our department is currently lean.  We have one associate leaving.  Another going out on maternity leave in April. So as long as my services are needed I will continue here.  Unless I royally eff up. In the mean time I will continue to look for work in the schools. I was speaking with a friend who is working p/t in one of the schools. In typical fashion, she was hired out of the sub pool. Something I can’t do right now.

I love my husband. We got into a tiff on Saturday as a result of my controlling tendencies. I felt bad, but I also reminded myself that this is who I am and I owe no one an apology for that. I asked for his understanding. He gave it to me, but his tone upset me a little. I just took some deep breaths and moved on. All is well. New Year’s Eve was spent at a neighbor’s house.  S was at friend’s house for a NYE sleepover. D went with H and I to the neighbor’s party.  She didn’t want to go. And it showed. She was being very cranky about the whole thing.  But we talked it out. I love her so. And I love how we are navigating this puberty thing. I know we have a ways to go but so far, so good. New Year’s Day was spent doing some kitchen plumbing.  Ugh.  It was a terrible way to spend the day. But since the temperatures are arctic around here, indoors is not a bad place to be. We were unable to finish the job we started because a valve broke. It was frustrating to say the least, but one good thing that came out of it was D helped.  She was so good.  Reading directions.  Getting under the sink.  Trying to figure things out.  It made both H and I very happy and proud.

We went skiing on Tues 12/26. It was cold but we had a great time. S – the very reluctant skier – was skiing with his good buddy.  His friend is a much more confident skier, but he was so good to S helping him out.  D was awesome as usual. I love skiing with her. I worked on Wed thru Fri.  It was so quiet here. I just counted the hours til quittin time. Friday we went to a holiday part at a friend’s house. Saturday I sledded with this kids for a while.  We all needed to burn off some energy. We had gone to the movies earlier in the day.  Was really fun! Saw Coco – very cute movie.  Kids loved that we did this all together. We did too.

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