[156] ~*Tue – 01/02/18*~

[11:23 pm]

Blah! Last night I had a sort of cough-puke thing going on but I didn’t puke any mucus, I was just coughing. I could feel the mucus real close to coming out so I would cough but it never came out. I then looked at myself in the mirror and I have a bloody eye from coughing so hard. Arg! I read online that it’s nothing serious and it will go away but I don’t know if I should go to the doc or not. I really don’t want to be going to the ER as I know I will be there for ever. It doesn’t necessary hurts but it’s a bit sensitive around the eye. I went to the pharmacy and told my situation as I finished the other med I had and they recommended me another one which I will start tomorrow. Hopefully this will clear my throat cause I’m very annoyed.

Anyways, I finally went to sleep at like past 5 am last night so I only got out of bed around 4:30 this afternoon. I would of actually stayed in bed longer but I had to go to the garage to see what was going on with my car as my sticker is now expired. I am so not pleased with the answer I got. I was told I had to have it re-inspected to have a fail sticker as technically my last inspection was now expired. That said, it was gonna cost me another $35 to get a reject sticker which would expire before I have to bring the car to the body shop so I have to go back for another re-inspection to get another reject so I can take it to the body shop so that’s another $35. Then I need to pay another $35 to have it re-inspected when all the work is done so I can have my actual sticker. This is bullshit! I need to pay like 4 inspections?! I told him “What ever, I’m taking my car back home like it is and I will hope I don’t get pull over when ever I go back and forth from the body shop.” It’s ridiculous to pay $70 so I can drive the damn thing from home to the body shop and back home. I wrote an email to Service NB to see what the rules are on this cause it makes no freaking sense to me. I was also told by people that I could still drive my car with a reject as long as it was still “safe” but the garage told me that no, I couldn’t. I also asked Service NB about it to make sure what the rule is. That said, I thought I could still drive my car but now I have to park it for like a month and it’s the worst time to do so as it’s freaking cold outside. I will have to start it each day and drive around the Court so it doesn’t freeze. What a pain! Plus, we can’t manage with just one car right now so we’re not sure what we’ll be doing. Hub is off tomorrow so that’s good but I really hate taking the new car for work cause I don’t trust my clients to be careful at all. It actually stressed me out big time but I don’t have a choice if I want to work. I was thinking of taking the month off due to car problems and ask the store if I could work full time for a month but I know it’s not right to ask that so I won’t. Hub starts over night on the 14th so he said he would call tomorrow and see if he could start right now instead so then we could make it with just the one car until mine gets fix. At worse my friend can drive him to work and I can go pick him up but yea.. What ever we end up doing, I’m still stuck with the new car which I really, really don’t like. 

This is so not a good beginning to this new year. I had such good hopes for the new year and now I’m all depress, once again. I’m trying to remain positive and tell myself many people have it way worse than I do but yea.. I’m just me!

Our friend’s car was dead so we went over to her place to try and boost her but it didn’t work. Our cables might not be working anymore so we went to buy new ones but hub will only go try again tomorrow as it was late and cold. When we went out to buy the cables our friend came with us and we went out to eat. Of course hub picked the most expensive place and it costed $75 for the three of us. Good way to start the new year, once again. I had told myself we wouldn’t spend so much on going out and here we are spending almost $100 the second day of the year. Blah! I really hope things get to be better really soon.




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