Have you ever been too sick to be sick? Today I canceled a doctor’s appointment because I was too sick to go. It was for more trigger point injections. Now I have no idea how long I have to wait until I get them again. They are for pain in my shoulders and neck. I live with it at about a 6. When it starts creeping towards a 10 I call for shots. Thank the government for taking away my pain killers. I wasn’t a daily user. I used them on days like today when I needed to get out of bed but couldn’t. Or when I actually wanted to enjoy life for a day and fake well, and wanted the reassurance of a pill. I’ve found natural alternatives but they aren’t welcomed by everyone. Especially not employers. One of them is legal for now but probably jot for long. Kratom. Its a beautiful thing. But the media is trying to spin it as some crazy street drug. There’s a reason no one has heard of it. No one uses it to get high. It’s not a party drug. It’s for pain. People use it coming off of opiod addiction. I’m going to jump off my soap box before this turns into a college essay with sources and all. When you have as many medical issues as me it should be my choice what I put into my body. Not a government agency’s. I am fine taking pharmaceuticals but the less the better. Natural is the way to go if you have the choice. Especially when it’s a quality of life issue. When your life is breaking at the seems. Being held together by stitches and ky tape. Having doctors frantically googling your conditions before you arrive. You should have a choice.

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