2017 Reflections

2017 was a game-changer year. If I could describe 2017 in one sentence, it would be the year that I learned how to sow my seeds, water them, and relentlessly protect them as they struggle to sprout in the most destructive circumstances. It was the year where I persevered even when I wanted to give up on them and let them die. 

I finally got my license, got myself a car (even though it’s been a POS; thank GOD FOR MY DAD!!), kinda got out of the industry life, went back to school for phlebotomy, landed my first career, and got accepted into the MLT program. Juggling school and work has been a nightmare, especially with both of them being so far away from where I live (40+ min drive each way) and at 80+ hour a week already without the commute.


And now, it’s 2018! They’ve sprouted into little seedlings, and every day, with each accomplishment and small victory, they’re stronger, they’re growing taller, they’re becoming a little more defiant against the forces. 2018 is the year I continue to tend to them and see them come to fruition! I’m MEGA EXCITED, optimistic, and I’m ready to reap the benefits of having faith, being patient, and working hard:)

I’ll be writing a separate post with my goals/plans/resolution for the year:)

Are you guys as excited for the new year or what! 

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