An Introduction to my messy head

Good day, online diary.

In Jan. 2, 2018, I purposely googled “free online anonymous diary” because I read a comment in a buzzfeed video uploaded on facebook about an excellent diary website where people can write their diary anonymously and people can also read others’ as well.  But the website (which i can’t remember its name) is under testing with few people. So I find another diary website and this is what I chose.

 You can call me ryam. As of 2018 I am 22 years old. I have no siblings. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m really comfortable being alone. But being alone sometimes is sad and quite tiring. Hence, I greatly appreciate the company of my close friends and, classmates in college and highschool, we still get together from time to time. 

I’m still living with my parents. This might sound funny to others but it’s pretty normal in the country I’m living in. I have lots of random, nonsense, funny, dark, weird thoughts in my head. I hope by making this “my journal account” as a medium would make me feel heard.

because sometimes all we want is to be heard but we can’t really trust people nowadays. Yes, i have friends that I can trust with my daily thoughts with but I don’t think they can handle some of it 😂😂 

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to my messy head”

  1. I found this site too via facebook. It was a video of a woman who bought old diarys off Ebay? yeah in the comments someone talked about I went there and it was under construction, so I came here yesterday. Already put a log in too. Welcome! from one newbie to another!

  2. I just read your entry and I left almost same comment. thank you and Happy new year!

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