This is my first ever entry on goodnight journal, and my first entry in a journal in a long time. There’s been so many things going on lately. My phone got shut off, my car got repossessed, and I had to quit my job. Oh, can’t forget that I had to drop school too. This all happened in one day. I was so devistated. I felt like a failure. I couldn’t believe what I have done, I did this to myself. Me. I was so hard on myself. I dropped everything, packed 3 bags full of my clothes, paid an Uber to take me to the airport. 2 states later, I have moved in with my mom. I’m not proud, but I’m still young. I have time to get myself back on my feet. But can I? I’m so far in debt now, I don’t even see the point anymore. But maybe I’m being too hard on myself. But then again, maybe I’m not.. I feel like I could’ve done better. That I can do better. Is there even a point to carry on and keep trying?

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